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Shipping / postal rates:

USPS: March 29, 2013:
"...USPS moving to new delivery schedule
Six days of package delivery and five days of mail delivery begin August 2013
The U.S. Postal Service will be transitioning to a new delivery schedule the week of Aug. 5. Packages will be delivered Monday through Saturday, and mail Monday through Friday. The change will save USPS about $2 billion annually.
Postmaster General Pat Donahoe said the change reflects the strong growth of our package business and responds to the financial realities of America’s changing mailing habits. “We developed this approach by working with our customers to understand their delivery needs,” Donahoe said, “and by identifying creative ways to generate significant cost savings.”
Recent growth in package delivery – a 14 percent revenue increase since 2010, and projections of continued package growth – led to the decision to maintain package delivery six days a week.
Mail delivery to street addresses will be Monday through Friday. Mail addressed to post office boxes will continue to be delivered on Saturdays, and Post offices currently open Saturdays will remain open.

What does the above mean to you? The USPS will still deliver packages on Saturday. Just not mail on Saturdays, starting in August. Since most items we sell are large packages, there shouldn't be any noticeable changes. We just wanted you to be aware of the new policies of the post office.

For the latest cost / prices at USPS, go to:

Domestic Shipping (United States) ...

Domestic Service Average Delivery Time Starting Price Pricing Factors
Express Mail® Overnight, most locations From $14.10 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat rate envelope available!
Priority Mail® 1 - 3 days From $5.60 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat rate options available!
First-Class Mail® 1 - 3 days From $0.46 Prices based on weight and shape
Media Mail® 2 - 8 days From $2.53 Prices based on weight (content restrictions apply)

Shipping Information ...

All shipping rates using the USPS are based on exact weights and include the packing supplies. You will have several shipping methods to choose from. Below is a list of those shipping methods and what the USPS suggests us for estimated shipping delivery times.
We ship every day except Sundays and postal holidays, of course!
All orders received BEFORE 2PM Eastern Time will be shipped the same day. Orders received AFTER 2 PM Eastern Time will be shipped the following business day.

Title Prices
Express Mail® - Retail
Express Mail for Business From $14.10 at the Post Office™

Express Mail Flat Rate™ - Retail Express Mail Flat Rate for Business From $19.95 at the Post Office

Priority Mail® - Retail
Priority Mail for Business From $5.60 at the Post Office

Priority Mail Flat Rate® - Retail
Priority Mail Flat Rate for Business From $5.60 at the Post Office

Priority Mail Regional Rate® Boxes
Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes for Business From $5.32 paid online, Additional $0.75 if postage is paid at Retail

First-Class Mail® Letters - Retail
First-Class Mail® Letters for Business From $0.46 at the Post Office

Media Mail - Retail
Media Mail for Business From $2.53 at the Post Office

Bound Printed Matter for Business Varies
Periodicals Varies

Confirmation of Delivery Delivery Confirmation™ – Provides date and time of delivery or attempted delivery More info on the Domestic Shipping Methods offered ...

Express Mail
If you absolutely have to have your items right away, Express mail is usually the best choice, but the fast delivery comes with a price - it is one of THE most expensive way to send items. Postcards, letters, large envelopes and small packages can be sent using Express Mail. Also, keep in mind that Express doesn't necessarily mean overnight - The Post Office states: "...Our fastest service for time-sensitive letters and documents, available 365 days a year to most locations."

Priority Mail
From the USPS website: "...Fast and affordable delivery to every address in the United States...Delivers within 2 days in most cases..."

Flat Rate Priority Mail
Priority Flat Rate may be the best option for shipping multiple magazines, brochures, etc - it's relatively fast and affordable. They advertise if it fits (in the approved Priority boxes) it ships!

First Class Mail
This is most often used for sending carefully packaged vintage postcards, letters, large envelopes and small packages that are 13 ounces or less. We often use First Class when sending items that can be sent in a shipping tube. From the USPS website: "...Quick, affordable service for your basic mailing needs..."

Media Mail Prices
Media Mail is used exclusively for printed and recorded material, only. This includes books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer readable media, such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes. Also, USPS also states that "...Media Mail can not contain advertising except for incidental announcements of books..." Prices based on weight and size, and the maximum weight is 70 lbs.

Parcel Post
Parcel Post may be another shipping option for multiple magazines, brochures, etc. Just keep in mind - USPS states that the entire package can't weigh more than 70 pounds, and it can't be larger than 130 inches in combined length and girth - for a quick visual, that's approximately the size of a banana box.

Purchasing Insurance For Your Packages
We insure all packages over $100 at no expense to our customers. Any orders under $100 would be at the option of our customers to request for purchase. Just email or call us to add that extra insurance charge. USPS insurance rates can be found here.

International Shipping
International Prices
International Service Average Delivery Time Starting Price Pricing Factors
Global Express Guaranteed® 1-3 days From $35.00 Prices based on weight, size and distance - USPS GXG envelope pricing is available!
Express Mail International® 3 - 5 days From $28.00 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat-rate envelope available!
Priority Mail® International 6-10 days From $13.00 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat-rate options available!
First-Class Mail International™ varies From $2.00 Prices based on weight, shape and distance

Global Express Guaranteed®
Expensive, but if it's absolutely imperative you receive your order quickly, Global Express Guaranteed is an option. USPS site: "...Provides the fastest, date-certain international service with a money-back delivery guarantee to more than 190 countries..." The USPS GXG envelope pricing is based on weight and distance. For all other items, the price is based on weight, size and distance.

Express Mail International®
If you need your order fast, Express Mail is another option for International orders sent to select countries: Australia, China, France (except Monaco and Corsica), Hong Kong, Japan, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Spain (except Canary Islands), Korea, Republic of (South Korea) and Singapore. Terms and Conditions. Prices based on weight and destination.

Priority Mail International®
(Estimated Delivery Time varies by destination with no actual guarantee time quoted by USPS official Site) This is the most economical way to send letters, small packages, postal cards, printed matter, and other small packets that weigh 4 pounds and under worldwide. Anything over the 4 pounds will be sent Global Priority mail.

First Class International
(Estimated Delivery Time varies by destination with no actual guarantee time quoted by USPS official Site) This is the most economical way to send letters, small packages, postal cards, printed matter, and other small packets that weigh 4 pounds and under worldwide. Anything over the 4 pounds will be sent Global Priority mail.

Purchasing Insurance For Your Packages
We insure ALL packages that are orders OVER $100, at our expense. If your items total is under $100 and you would like insurance, please email us promptly, so we can secure insurance before shipping.Current rates for insurances can be found at USPS Insurance Rates on the official USPS site. We recommend to all our customers who place orders from us to buy the additional insurance and this is optional to you. If you would like to purchase insurance for your package, please check USPS Insurance Rates and contact us immediately. so that we can adjust your order to include that extra cost.

Multiple Order Combined Shipping Offers
We offer a flat rate service with one fee for multiple orders.

Free Shipping
Oftentimes, we will have free shipping on certain items, and we do offer free shipping to all U.S buyers for all combined orders placed over $200.

Delivery Estimates ...

We do our best to quickly ship all orders as stated above, however, we can not be responsible for any delays once we ship that may be caused directly by the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc). We add tracking to all orders with verification and proof of our shipping dates and times. Please contact us if you feel that your package is taking a long time, or just wish to check on status. We will do everything that we can to assist you in finding transit information.

How Do You Know When We Have Shipped?
All our buyers will receive shipping notifications once your package has been shipped. With that shipping information there will be a direct tracking number and link for you to follow your package in transit from our location to yours. This tracking information will also include the exact date that we shipped your package to you. If, for some reason, you did not receive that tracking information which gives the exact time we shipped and transit/tracking of your package, we can provide that information to you per your request.

What If Your Country Is Not Listed?
We ship to most international and all US locations. If you find that your specific country is not listed in your checkout, please contact us and let us know and we will add it so that you can use our checkout to purchase your order.

Do We Offer Next Day Delivery Upgraded Shipping?
No we do not offer this service due to the location we are shipping from. It is not an available option for us. Our location is considered a "rural" service and the fastest any delivery could be done is through our Express Mail option which generally takes two business days for delivery.

Want It In Time For The Holidays?
Please remember that even with upgraded USPS Priority shipping which usually takes 2-5 days based on USPS information, can be delayed during busy times of the year and holidays would also slow down that process and we can not guarantee that your package will arrive in time for the holidays unless you order early enough or if you are not sure depending on your locations, please contact us. The cut off date for USPS delivery to make it by December 25 in the US is to order your items by December 15. We work very hard during the holidays to get your package shipped and will do everything we can to get it there in time as long as you order for the holidays by the 15th. We recommend you chose priority mail for all your orders during the month of December in order to be certain that it will arrive on time.

Refund Information
Please be aware that you are ordering vintage, "not new", items from us and there may be some small imperfections that are expected when buying "used" or "collectibles" that are in "vintage" conditions.

Asking For A Refund
Let us know immediately via email or phone call that you wish to return an item to us. We are willing to assist you with all refunds. Here are a few suggestions we offer to help you with how to do a refund.

Please use appropriate and safe measures when shipping back to us. Use packing materials that will assure the safety of your items during transit.

We record all items as they are being packed, for insurance purposes. If an item has arrived to you damaged, please email a picture of the damaged item before packing and shipping the item back to us. Your images will help us process the insurance claim, and more importantly, your refund much quicker as well!

We request that you send back all items to be refunded to us within 14 days of the original delivery date. All orders over 14 days after delivery may not receive full refunds.

You must request a refund within 14 days from the original delivery date we receive from our tracking information. Any request for refunds after this time will not be accepted. We do not offer refunds older than 14 business days from the original delivery date, as noted on the tracking information.

Refund Payments
Once we process your refund, we will send you a notification of refund email so that you know that we did process your order. We do our best to refund all orders promptly.

Shipping Reimbursements
You agree to pay for the initial return shipping on all items. Once we receive your order and if that order was OUR mistake (wrong product, something is found to be missing, etc), we will refund your shipping cost back to us. If this is a refund for something other than our mistake (if you've changed your mind, etc) in our description details, shipping reimbursements will not be refunded.

All our items are used, collectible, vintage, and most important, they are not new. We acquire items at estate sales, auctions, etc. We can not promise nor guarantee you that these items originally came from a pet free, smoke free environment. There is no way for us to know what they were exposed to that might trigger some serious reaction in someone who is very sensitive to specific elements.
However, once we acquire items, and after assessing condition, processing, and prepping for storage, we CAN promise that all our listed items are STORED in a safe, dry, smoke-free and pet-free environment.

Authentic And Original We do not knowingly buy fakes, duplicates, and/or imports that are made to look vintage. We acquire these items at estate sales and auctions. We do our best to research items and offer provenance / trail of ownership where we can. In some cases, we can't guarantee actual age of these items. /////////



We're certain you'll usually be happy with your purchase(s). We take extra care to fully describe content and condition of our items. If you have any doubts or questions about the item(s) you are ordering, please email us before placing your order. Of course it is possible that we make a mistake, it can happen with packaging, describing or otherwise. If we are proven to have made an error with the delivered item(s), we'll assume full responsibility for that error.
  1. Inspection: Customer is required to immediately inspect the item(s) he has received. If he is missing items, or parts of the item(s), or he misses part of the described content or was sent the wrong item(s), contact us no later than seven (7) business days after receiving the merchandise.

  2. Buyer's remorse / Change of Mind: We want our customers to be 100% satisfied that we delivered what we promised or, much better, that we surpassed the customer's expectations.
    However, we do not accept any returns nor issue any refunds for purchases where the customer changes his mind on the purchase and simply does not want the item anymore. The reason is that most customers purchase our items for their content and that content can be photocopied. If we would accept returns unconditionally, we would basically be offering 'free photocopying' and not make any money, so not remain in business.

  3. Contact Us: For any return request the customer needs to first contact us here, within at the latest seven (7 ) business days of receipt of the item(s). The date of receipt by customer will be the one recorded by the post office. Customer needs to mention the order number, contact details and reason for return request. He may also email us images if there is a condition or damage problem.

    For any insurance claim related issues (due to damage or loss during transit,) the customer needs to contact us via here.

    The customer can also call us during office hours or send a letter by regular mail. Check here for our contact details.

  4. Do not return without permission: Customer should not return the item(s) to us until he is notified by us that we agree with such a return and arrangements for return postage are made.

  5. Do not change condition, content nor packaging: The item(s) arrived need(s) to be kept in the same condition as that they were sent to buyer. Customer needs to keep all contents and original packing material. If condition, completeness or packaging has been changed by customer, the missing or damaged item(s) will be deducted from the refund.

  6. Return period: Returned merchandise must be shipped to us within seven (7) business days of the date from which you contact us regarding the return.

  7. Return shipping cost: In case we made an error, we will be responsible to provide buyer with a return shipping label (via email or postal mail), in case of US buyers. In case of international buyers we will refund based on the First Class Airmail rate. If buyer prepays postage without consulting us first, he will not be reimbursed for any shipping/insurance costs for any reason.

  8. Refund methods: Full refunds are paid by the payment method used by the customer to pay us initially. Partial refunds are paid by check (if US domestic) or international money order (if non-US / international).

  9. Exchange option: If a buyer is confronted with an error by us, he may also opt to exchange the item for something of the same purchase price or get a refund for the price difference if the value is less. There are no exchanges possible for buyer's remorse / change of mind.
ATTENTION: As an online company, we do most of our correspondence through email. If customer does not receive a response from our customer service in 24 hours of his return request, he should check his junk mail or bulk mail folder. We are not responsible for our emails being filtered away by a customer's software or Internet service provider.

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Old data, before 3.29.13:

Domestic Shipping (United States) ...

Domestic Service Average Delivery Time Starting Price Pricing Factors
Express Mail® Overnight, most locations From $13.65 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat rate envelope available!
Priority Mail® 1 - 3 days From $4.90 Prices based on weight and distance
Flat rate options available!
First-Class Mail® 1 - 3 days From $0.44 Prices based on weight and shape
Parcel Post® 2 - 8 days From $4.90 Prices based on weight and distance
Media Mail® 2 - 8 days From $2.38 Prices based on weight (content restrictions apply)
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